Friday, July 20, 2007

The City Market Opportunity

I was asked to be a vendor, selling my paper art, at the City Market here in Kansas City. The last time I was there, it was like 159 degrees outside and I almost lost my mind. Anyway, it's an awesome venue where thousands of people congregate on the weekends. I politely declined the invitation so I could continue to live in the "freezer" at home (remember, I'm from Montana) but I thought I would share the word with the local scrappers and card artists, etc.

Here's the scoop: Contact Deb Connors at 816-842-1271.
There is the website!
Here is a link to the Vendor Handbook:

I think it would be a fabulous opportunity for creative, talented artists! Not to mention all the fabulous bread you can buy from the Amish and Menonite familes who don't have a website....(I know, I asked :( )

2 comments: said...

Hey, good to see another Silver Bella from the KC area!

I used to do the Sunday Art Mkt at the River Mkt years ago. It was always worth doing, but I haven't been back in ages.

Katie Lyn Sherry said...

Thanks for the note!!! Next time you want to go bum around at the Market, send me a message... I might meet up with you! :) Katie Lyn