Thursday, September 22, 2011

Month Buy Month!

Month Buy Month is an exciting savings guide for the curious shopper! Hundreds of secrets to saving money, and buying products at the RIGHT TIME for the RIGHT PRICE are wrapped up in this awesome 39 page workbook. Inside you will find:

  • A monthly DEAL LIST: Open the page to this month or next, and you will find the deals to be expected. It's nice knowing that all the tomato products are on sale during September! It's really helpful to know when to buy all your baking products or camping equipment!
  • Next, explore Katie's secrets for each month. Here, Katie will explore ideas on how to use the great items you buy at a steep discount. She will discuss how to organize and best utilize your school supply stash, give you hints on preparing meals using ingredients you have on hand, and even how to decorate for a party while sticking to your budget!
  • You will find ways to save TIME and MONEY WITHOUT clipping endless coupons and spending hours reading blogs about coupon matchups! Sure, there will be times when you can combine coupons and sales for the best deals, but Month Buy Month is geared to the shopper who wants the best deal all year round.

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    Katie specializes in finding those hidden savings that most shoppers will overlook. She holds nothing back as she shares these fun tips and suggestions with her Fans!

    As a special favor to FACEBOOK FANS: You can purchase Month Buy Month at an exciting introductory price of only $9.99 plus shipping.

    Retail price of this amazing workbook is $37.00, which we KNOW is a great investment in saving time, money and learning how to buy the things you actually use at the right time!

    Join us today in saving almost 75% off the cover price, and get the chance to review and critique the workbook before it goes to the public!

    We can't wait to hear what YOU have to say!

Month Buy Month: An Every Day Savings Guide! By Katie Lyn Sherry
Introductory price for Facebook Fans only: $9.99 plus $5.50 shipping/handling.

Introductory offer expires 10/31/11

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Finally: Introducing Month Buy Month!

Month Buy Month: An Every Day Savings Guide! By Katie Lyn Sherry
Introductory price for Facebook Fans only: $9.99 plus 5.50 s/h.

Introductory offer expires 10/31/11

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Smashing the Smash Book!

I love having groups over to craft at my house! Here is a photo album of all the great photos taken by Michelle Lewis with My Fancy Photo. We had fun introducing ourselves, inspirational demonstrations of uses for Smash Books, and a truly inspiring devotional letting us know the importance of journaling to clear our minds of all the day in day out garbage and allow for real personal and spiritual growth.

Comments after the party have been amazing! Of course everyone had a great time, we always do, but this time, I wanted to provide the environment for some real personal reflection.

Around the room, I decorated with inspirational thoughts. Many are from my friend, Jim Fedor, who is a Master Calligrapher for Hallmark Cards. Here is his other website!

I chose the people I wanted to invite carefully. Knowing that there are busy schedules and prior engagements, I set out to invite 35 people with the promise that if they attend, they may bring a friend. All in all we had 18 people attend. Every attendee brought a canned good to share with the food bank. When I gathered it up to go over to the local church, it took two men to carry everything into the sanctuary! What a joy that was. I was going to take a photo and post all about how much food we gathered, but I decided that was innappropriate, people gave from their hearts and they received from my heart!

In keeping with my crafting philosophy, all gifts I give, I give from My Hear To Yours.... enjoy the slide show:

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happy Summer Everyone!

I told you in my last post about Procrastination! I'm the QUEEN of procrastination! All these ideas running around in my head, but with no action behind them, they sit idle.

It's time to start making a rumble, stand up and be counted! I've been working steadfastly on my couponing project. I realized half way through that what people really need is a kick in the butt, just like me, to get out there and make things happen. So I started to break things up into bite size pieces, each one is a great project idea on its own and would made a great product. I truly believe that eventually, when everything is done... the sum of the parts will far exceed the totality of the whole.

THAT is exciting for me because as I market my knowledge, I can let people purchase at the level they are interested in. I have some friends who want to completely duplicate ME in them! That's great, as they say in the commercials for smart phones: "There's an App for that!"

Other friends just want to know how to save $60.00 a week on their grocery bill... there's a product for that as well.

I'm just over the moon with excitement and can't wait to share it with everyone.

On a personal note, it's summer... the grass keeps growing and we have no desire to cut it. Missouri is HOT and HUMID! Last weekend, I spread more grass seed, in hopes of choking out all the weeds. I have been diligent in watering, keeping it moist... but no sproutlings. I have no idea what I'm doing, but I'll keep buying seed, spreading it and watering it, and maybe we will have some green before winter!

Tutoring has been very busy this summer. I am so excited to have 8 new students. Each one comes with their own abilities and disabilities. They know, by time I'm done working with them, that they can do ANYTHING they desire. Put the work in, get the results out! Life kinda works that way, doesn't it!

No garden this year... I think I shared last year about the $200 worth of organic dirt that we brought in. That was fun. Our friends came and rototilled, we planted hearty plants only to watch them all die. Out of 30 tomato plants, we reaped a grand total of 2 pint size zip locks full of cherry tomatoes! WOO HOOO! let's do that again! NOT. There were 3 reasons for our garden failure... First, you have to weed. Again, we don't even mow our lawn but once a week... WHO WEEDS? Secondly, last summer was very strange. It was too hot at night. The tomatoes demand a temperature differential between day and night. It was 95 degrees at night too. Lastly, even after we cut down all our Walnut trees, our neighbors still have them. The walnut tree sends out a poison that kills any and all tomatoes within a 25 yard radius of the tree. The neighbors have quite a few trees, there is no escaping this!

I promise you that we will be very careful about where we buy our next property. Don't panic... we aren't moving anytime soon. However, we would like to buy some land near the new Temple, and make sure that there is plenty of room to plant our own food.

Happy summer everyone, gotta run!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Procrastination and FEAR

Who said, there is nothing to fear but fear itself? I think they are totally wrong with their spiral thinking.

Today, I feel like I am skydiver who walks around all day on the ground still wearing the parachute in case I fall. I am a skydiver who has never been in the plane with the door open, never felt that rush, never had to leap...yet I walk around prepared as if someone will push me off terra firma and I have to depend on grasping for survival.

There are BIG plans in the works for Katie. Katie is sitting at her desk taking her last college final and the question is, "WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU KNEW YOU WILL NOT FAIL?"

I guess it's time to figure out how to take the prophylactic parachute OFF, and not use it again until I PLAN on jumping out of a plane.

I don't know where the release button is, but I know somewhere on my chest there is a toggle button that if I press it, I become free. Where is it? How will I know when the right time to drop the pack will be? What if I need to put it back on in a hurry? What does it feel like to walk around without the safety net?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Coupon Class Handouts

Please remember that most of the documents provided are proprietary in nature. Please do not use this information to sell a coupon class or promote my work as your own. Thanks!

Handout #1
Got a Few Minutes

Monthly Sales Cycle

Often, I am asked how I know when to buy certain items/goods. I have compiled a great list including my monthly secrets to saving money on everyday items. Here is a sample for JULY! so get busy and go get those deals!

The entire year will be available SOON as an e-book that you can have for your very own! Would you like me to update you when it's ready? I will send you a link where you can view a sample chapter and purchase the book if you wish. Your information will NOT be sold to anyone for any reason. You will receive emails from: and/ or

GO HERE So I have your name and email address! See you soon!

As promised, here is July!

JULY Sales/Deals:

School Supply Deals

July 4th promos – BBQ!

BBQ Sauce
Baked beans
Hot dogs
Hamburger/ground beef
Paper plates, napkins, plastic utensils, etc.
Insect repellent

July Secrets: July is a great month for fresh blueberries! Almost every tabloid magazine will feature some red, white and blue cake that includes fresh strawberries and blueberries! July is a great month to seek out a "U-Pick" farm. Usually, the farmer will allow you to go pick berries and other fruits and charge you by the pound or by the container.
Visit farmer's markets! You might get a great deal on foods if they have a bumper crop! Shop around at the farmer's market before you buy, farmers don't often keep their sale prices the same as their competitors. If you walk an extra block, you might find the prices a few cents lower! Every penny counts when you are trying to save cash!

Go ahead and stock up on hot dogs! Freeze them in their original sealed package. When you thaw them, make sure you leave them sealed, do not defrost in the microwave, it will dry them out. The same goes for breads. If you freeze a loaf of bread, thaw it while it is still completely sealed so the moisture goes back into the bread. Otherwise, it will come out dry and crumbly.