Sunday, July 29, 2007

Happy Happy JOY JOY!!!

Yes! That is a brand spankin new car! It is Cypress Green, has a gold metallic look to it at night. The pictures did not turn out too great ... I'll have to get pictures next to a different background soon. Plus, the car was so SHINNY that everything reflected off it. Check out the blue sky and sun! Hee Hee.

So, here are the specs: It is a 2007 Saturn Ion 3. Automatic. Fully Loaded. Leather Seats. All upgrades on it including Mag Wheels, Fog Lamps, Super Duper Stereo System, OnStar, It's own Car Phone, XM Radio, and basically it kicks butt! It has a 2.2 L small V-6 engine and gets 32 MPG. It is fun to drive.

If you need a new or used car, I strongly recommend my new buddy Chris at Tiffany Springs Saturn. They are part of the Jay Wolfe Motor group. Also, I'll give a shout out to The Kansas City Credit Union for the fabulous financing. Oh, and of course, a big thanks to the Cavemen at Geico for making sure I will still have a little cash left for Scrapbooking.

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