Monday, August 6, 2007

Latest Creations

These new little cuties are available at my Etsy Store: I created them because sometimes a big card is too big and a sticky note is not enough. Sometimes you need to say THANK YOU in a memorable way. These little gems can be tucked inside a lunch box, briefcase, or packaged with your online sales.

I also wanted to share my Baby Shower Invitations that I made for Jill Gardner's Baby Shower. She is having a bouncing baby boy! These are made with the K and Co. Tag Cards, Primitive Ring Tags and Baby Feet Charms. The ribbons are cool... the blue ribbon is vintage (actually antique) seam tape. I wish I could find MANY MANY more rolls of this stuff. Where are all the Great Grandmas when you need them??

Anyway, these invitations can easily double as a greeting card. In fact, when I made the invitations, I was hoping that the ladies would recycle the cards and use them as gift cards for someone else. Here are the pictures... and here is the link to buy more:

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