Saturday, August 18, 2007

Why my kitties sleep ALLLLLLLLLLLL day!

My dear husband's 20 year old clock radio finally died the other day. We went to Target and bought a new Sony alarm clock that has many cool features. One of the neat things about it is that it projects the time on the ceiling or wall or basically wherever you focus the projector.

As usual, whenever we get ANYTHING new, the kitties have to know what it is about. Gabe and Victor have spent the last 3 nights wide awake ALL NIGHT watching the minutes click by as they stare at the ceiling. Victor occasionally "mows" at the time. Come morning, the two are exhausted. Spending the night watching the time go by must be a tiring job, but someone has to do it!

Here are the pictures that I attempted to take. One is of the image of the time in red, the others are pictures of the kitties doing their job. The room was pitch black except for the red numbers, the flash distorts the pics a little, sorry. The red ghost cat is Victor playing with the "Laser." (insert finger quotes before and after LASER)
Here is a picture of the CLOCK on the ceiling. Notice the red color and how it
resembles the LASER! (shhhh. don't say tha too loud!)

Here is a strange camera effect... I took it with the room completely black and the flash illuminated the kitties looking at the red numbers.

Here is Victor playing with the "Laser." That cat knows where we keep the laser
he will sit right by it! We used to use a key chain style laser but every time we moved a pen in the drawer or retrieved anything that rattled like the laser, he would come unglued!

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