Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Another Great Blog Writeup!

Here is a fabulous blog feature from "MY JEWELRY" Blog!

Thank you for the great write up! I appreciate your attention to my etsy shop and to my blog!

Katie Lyn

Retro Humour

I'm loving the Retro Humour from myheart2yours

You can definitely tell katie lyn has a fun sense of humor from peeking around her shop!

Here is my interview with Katie Lyn
Q: What do you love about etsy?
A: I was looking for a way to sell my scrapbooks on a site other than the E one that charges a lot of fees just for listing.

Q: How did you choose your shop name?
A: I chose my shop name, My Heart To Yours, because I always signed my work with that phrase. There is no way that we, as artists, can charge enough to cover all the time and energy plus materials. There have been some altered albums that I have created that took 20+ hours to create, yet the market would only bear $55.00 when the album was sold. I truly believe that those situations were "works of the heart."

Q: What is the funniest thing that happened to you while doing your art/craft?
A: Well, it's not funny really, but when I glitter up something and then my cat has to come help and his tail gets glitter all over it!

Q: If you had unlimited funds and unlimited skills and could create anything you want what would it be?
A: I would embellish my new car with Swarovski crystals along the pin striping and door handles and wherever my heart lead me to embellish. You can never have too much bling or embellishments!

Katie Lyn is a professional Math Educational Specialist. She tutor's students of all levels of math throughout the year. Her busiest times are Aug through May. However, when she is not doing math, She makes really cool things.
You can find her on her etsy site from myheart2yours
her blog: katiepaper
Additional Link that might someday become a website: http://www.scizzorspaperrock.com/ (right now it forwards to her etsy store)
Go take a look for more funnies!

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