Thursday, November 1, 2007

Another FANTASTIC write up!

I have been featured by some amazing bloggers recently! Here is a very cool write up about my Etsy shop. I love how the author, BJ, used my answers to her questionnaire to write in a flowing, interesting way! Thank you BJ!. Here is here blog. CLICK HERE

Here is the link to my write up!

Meet a Self-Proclaimed "Paper Craft" Addict!

She featured a few of my newer designs:

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Meet a Self-Proclaimed "Paper Craft" Addict!

Katie is the owner of My Heart to Yours on Etsy (, a shop with a menagerie of paper craft works of art.

Paper Crafts have been Katie Lyn Sherry's obsession for as long as she can remember. Even her Dad reminisced that she made puppets out of paper bags since she was three years old! This was mentioned after she made them a paper bag album about a year ago. How sweet!

She specializes in altered projects ~ trying to find new ways to use ordinary items. Her favorites are RETRO HUMOR which she uses for checkbook covers as well as for the many, many cards displayed and for sale in her shop. She has a mountain full of specialty tags as well, constantly coming up with new creations and ideas for new projects.

Her secret life? She is a professional tutor, teaching all levels of Math from Pre Algebra through college level Calculus or Differential Equations. Who'd have thought? I think her paper crafts are a stress reliever for her 'other life'!

In any Art medium, we tend to spend more than we make, but as with most of us, it's an obsession to continue creating and you can't do that unless you have the 'just right' materials, now can you? Katie admits that she fits into that category.

Katie's advice to other paper crafters is to be original, list several different craft items and then when you start to see trends in your sales, jump in with both feet and start producing more of that top selling item. She also promotes through Etsy and her blog,

How did Katie come up with the name for her shop? To quote her "There is no way that I could be fully compensated for the cost of supplies and labor to make my items. I have always considered my art to be a work of the heart, my gift to you. So I call my shop, My Heart to Yours."

Katie loves what she does and so do we! Don't forget to visit her shop with her vast array of talent displayed on several pages. Again, her URL is

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