Saturday, December 22, 2007

Have I got a SIRIUS treat for you!!

This is a fantastic picture of my personal Physical Therapist, Cheri. Cheri has worked on my poor joints and seen me through 5 surgeries on my spine so far. She is a miracle worker!

Yesterday, I was being treated after a long long week of tutor'n for finals. After sitting over a desk for 12 hours a day, my neck is usually close to falling off and my hips, I'm sure, will become detachable as well.

So as Cheri is doing this trans-tendon achy breaky massage on my quad muscle right up by my hip bone, she tells me this most amazing story of two Weimaraner puppies named Charlie and Parker.

Charlie and Parker were thrown out of a car on a bridge. Upon impact below, they suffered serious leg breaks and lived there scavenging. They were eventually rescued and were rehabilitated by several organizations, vets, and Cheri who all donated their services to save these two beautiful dogs!

I was just amazed at the whole thing! Now, after seeing Cheri in action with me and a couple of my other loved ones, I am just in awe at her ability to make people feel better mentally and physically. When a person lives with chronic pain, it takes a toll on every aspect of their life!
I speak from experience here!

Anyway, if you are anywhere near Kansas City and you have a dog in need of rehabilitation, contact Cheri through her website: If you are a "people" in the Kansas City Area, Cheri can be found at Modern Physical Therapy!

She is amazing, thorough and just a wonderful person. I am grateful that she is able to spend the time with me that I need to feel better. Thank you Cheri!

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