Sunday, December 9, 2007

Warm Tootsies!

This little piggie went to market,
This little piggie stayed home,
This little piggie had roast beef,
This little piggie had NONE,
This little piggie went weeee weee weee wee
all the way home to wear his new SCHOOL
hand made by my
fantastic mom!

These slippers are custom made to fit any foot. She makes them in any color combination to suit your favorite team, school, college or even your favorite colors. I've had a pair of these slippers given to me each year since I was a baby. They are double thick, incredibly warm and are machine washable.

They can come with or without a pom pom. The pom pom can be solid color or confetti colored using both the yarn colors in the slipper.

My mom's favorite slippers to knit are the Denver Broncho's and the University of Oregon Ducks! My school colors when I was at Humboldt State were green and yellow, so I wore plenty of pairs of those.

I have started an Etsy store for her, but I have YET to list anything. I wanted to let you all know before I do her grand opening. My hopes are to have samples listed on the etsy site and start letting her take orders by the end of this week.

Now, this might be too late for this Christmas delivery, but think about the Super Bowl, Graduation, Father's Day, Mother's Day or any occasion!

For the most part, she knows shoe sizes (especially for little kids) but if you want a true custom fit, you can send in a tracing of your foot and she can make extra long slippers, extra wide, or if you are Shrek, extra wide and short!

The cute slippers shown here are 6 blocks long---- that equates to approximately 7 inches long with plenty of room for the piggies!
Prices: Baby/ Toddler Up to 4 inches long: $8.00 pair
Child Sizes Up to 7 inches long: $12.00 pair
Adult Sizes : $20.00 pair

Shipping/ Handling for up to 5 pairs: $6.00 includes USPS Priority Packaging.

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