Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My Favorite Color

It's out! It's finally here!! I've waited all through the dreary winter to enjoy a week of my favorite color.... here is a close up of the beautiful red bud trees around the KC area. Here are a couple pictures.... I think the most stunning thing about these trees is how sparse they are and how vivid the pink shows up against the budding green trees.

Happy Spring everyone!


Barbra said...

Redbuds are my favorite. Ours are green already but I love the heart shaped leaves. Glorious!

Katie Lyn said...

Yes, I find it just so sweet that they end up having heart shaped leaves. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE that tree! If I surrounded my house with them, I still wouldn't have enough.

The cool thing is also that they grow wild... so every so often as you are driving around, pow! There's another one!