Friday, December 26, 2008

Twas the night before Independence

Mark and I surprised our dear friends, Jim and Laurel with an 8 foot Santa. We have supplied them with WTLA (white trash lawn art) since they moved to their new house. Last Christmas, we found this blow up Santa at Target during their clearance sale... we have saved it and schemed for almost a year. We were hoping to be able to get it installed and inflated before we were met with Jim's shot gun LOL.

Here it is in our living room.... you know how you should never set up a tent for the first time in the dark? Well we took that advice to heart and figured out how the thing worked BEFORE we had to do this outside in the cold.

Here is their house without the Santa... all tucked in for the night.

Here is their house WITH the Santa! LOL! We had such a good time!

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