Sunday, March 29, 2009

Holy Bat Slide Batman!

Yes, we are in the new house, but before I share pictures and stories about that... I have to back up a few days.

Here is a picture of the "Brother of Jared" ramp. I call it that because I truly feel I was inspired to build this thing. I was even inspired as to what type of material to use and exactly how to build it. The guys ended up making a few changes including duct tape (GO MCGYVER!) and a 2x4 at the bottom to catch the boxes.

The ramp take 3 people to operate at first. Three people load the ramp and after it is loaded it takes a kid at the top to add boxes and a strong man at the bottom to hoist the boxes on to the loading dolly.

The second day of moving provided a unique event... someone tried to ride the office chair down the ramp!!! I am glad I didn't see that!!!

I also want to put out a HUGE THANK YOU! to everyone who helped. More pictures to follow!

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