Monday, October 26, 2009

My, My... how they grow up!

I have had the pleasure of being dear friends with a sweet young woman. I have watched her grow from a very spunky, unfocused Freshman to a beautiful, sophisticated adult. Recently, Adrianne turned 18 and she started her own business with Mary Kay Cosmetics. Even if you have your own preferred brand of cleanser and moisturizer, it is important to make sure that those products are meeting all your needs. I, have had great success with NuSkin 180 system, and more recently I have been using the Murad physician's line of products to deal with my adult acne. However, in honor of Adrianne's new business, I have decided to try the Time wise face care again. It's been 9 years since I have used Mary Kay!!! LOL. Anyway, they have a 100% money back, bottom of the bottle guarantee, so I have nothing to loose. I'm happy for her, it is a great education!

Take a moment FOR ME, will you? and go check our her website! HERE

Adrianne, I'm proud of you for learning about business!! Go get em!

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gary said...

Here's to your new venture Adrianne!!!! Good Luck!!!! With the love and support of your mom I'm sure you'll do great!!!

Kathy Terry-Carter