Friday, December 11, 2009

We Made it at Katie's

Missey, Michelle, Sephie and Michelle came over to do some scrappin. Missey and Michelle made their annual calendars. They spend HOURS AND HOURS making their own planners complete with tabs and binding. Each year, it seems they get better... better design, better ideas, better binding.

Michelle B worked on scrapbook pages of her kiddos, and guess what... she actually put together 3 pages. To me, that's amazing, because I usually spend all night discussing glue choices and paper selection and never get the project done. Here are some pictures of our fun evening. We had chili and brownines for snack!!!Woooot Woooo!

So, 2 nights in a row I hosted workshops :). What fun! The house stayed clean, the cats were well behaved and I got to enjoy time, quality time with my favorite people!


Fancy Photo said...

I had such a great time as always! I absolutely love my 2010 planner. This is the third year that we have created our own planners, And every year as the months go by and I use the pages everyday to log mundane everyday type things, I am reminded of you and it brings up great memories and a smile. That is why I love creating them. They are so personal and I get to hang out with you!! :)Love ya!

Katie Lyn said...

You have impeccable taste in paper! Good thing it's collectible! LOL!!!!!

Enjoy, I love doing this stuff with you. Next year will be even better ;)!