Monday, November 12, 2007

Beauty Queens and Stuff and Things

Miss Platte County Teen
Miss Kansas City Teen

These two beautiful young women are two of my fantastic students! Congrats to Julia and Morgan on competing in the Miss Missouri Teen USA Pageant! Rock on! I am excited to hear about the HUGE Scholarships you both won! Beauty AND Brains! You're unstoppable!

Would you like to own this layout??? This is up for grabs on EBAY! I started the bidding at just 99 cents!

How can you resist?

This is a really cool special order that I made a couple of weeks ago for a sweet Etsy customer. This is a Checkbook cover! They sell for about $9.00 on Etsy. Oh yeah, if you have an idea for a special order for a checkbook cover for a gift for yourself or someone you love or love to hate, just let me know! I'll whip one up for you!

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