Thursday, January 10, 2008

Baby Shower Ideas!

Something must be in the water (but unfortunately not the water I drink) because there are so many new mommies all around me. Even two of my friends are having babies in March 08! So anyway, I ran across the most absolute adorable additions to your baby shower arsenal... Introducing:
The cutest wrap baby slippers I have ever seen! HomespunMomma left a comment for me about my Wholy Wheat article... and I got nosy and checked out her website. Oh Baby! I am just so excited about these cute little creations. I normally give some type of complete scrapbook when I attend baby showers, especially when I know the mamma really well. But these would be a fabulous alternative for anyone!

Here's a couple more pictures:
Click the picture to go to the slipper listing!

Diana also makes Blankies!! and Burp Cloths!

Her website is:

She has a great Etsy store where you can purchase these booties for only $8.50, and can you believe that she has burp cloth sets for only $3.50?? You can't even get the fabric for that. According to Diana's site, her mom taught her how to sew when she was very little. Despising it at first, it has now become a very valuable skill. Thank you Diana for sharing your talents with us!

Hey, I have a cool idea to add, do you need a card or a tag to go with that present?? Check these out: Of course! These are From MY HEART 2 YOURS!

Btw, as a side note... all of my little blog features are unsolicited. I like to share my favorite things with you and keep a record for myself so I can go back and buy...So SURPRISE to the sweet people that I feature :)

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ARTina said...

Okay, for real...those baby booties really are TOO cute! Great post (P.S. thanks for visiting my blog!)