Friday, January 11, 2008

A Special Treasure Hunt Just for YOU!!

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I have always wondered who sneaks a peak at my blog... I guess here is the time I get to find out.

I have hidden a special phrase in one of my Etsy Listings. You might not immediately see it, it is very well hidden. To claim your prize, you will need to:

#1. Leave a comment here at this blog that you are ready to search. (Leave a link to your blog if you have one) Also, tell me if you would rather win a huge gift bag full of scrapbooking and card making embellishments, or a handmade bracelet in your choice of colors!

#2. When you find the phrase, you need to copy the listing number that it is in and send me a message that you found it. There are two ways to send me a message... First: Etsy Convo or Second: My Space Message.

Hee Hee!! That way I get to meet you!

I promise to make it worth your search. If no one has found it by the 15th of January, I will start listing clues to find it.

If more than one person finds it, I will send a gift to the first 2 people to find it.



Barbra said...

What a fun blog. I ♥ your shop a while back. I'm going to link your blog to mine.

Cassie said...

Katie Lyn! I just found you through Paper Pixies, but I had you marked as one of my favorites on MY Etsy...crazy! I am going to look through your listing now.

Katie Lyn said...

CASSIE!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS! You will be receiving a huge box of goodies from me! Thank you for playing!

Leslie Hahn said...

Thanks for your complimentary comment! And actually I'm 41!
I'm going now to look for your special phrase!