Sunday, February 24, 2008

Everything is Just Ducky!

A dear friend of mine is having her first baby (boy) in early March. Her baby shower is next Saturday and I was asked to do an altered paint can for the center piece! I got the empty paint can at Home Depot. They provide you with free paint can openers, so I grabbed a couple of those too to add to the foof on the handle. I cut the ducky freehand and inked the edges. I have a template for cutting and covering the can if anyone wants it... let me know and I'll email you instructions. Since the handle does not come off, I had to do it in 2 pieces and punch holes with my 1 inch hole punch to make a nice round place for the thingy that sicks out of the can.

I was smart enough to make a template to do this again sometime.

Next, I assembled the can cover layer by layer using basic grey papers. I tied yard after yard of ribbon to the handle and attached rubber duckies to it and baby diaper pins from K and Company.

Right above the thin baby blue ric rac, I printed with dashes and dots and wrote the words... Rubber Duckie, You're the One. around the whole can.

I think they plan on making something to stick out of the can that people can write messages on. Those messages are supposed to go in Karin's baby scrapbook. I didn't have time to make a complete scrapbook for her, so I went to Target and bought a STACK o' Diapers! and wipes and stuff like that. I always buy people like 3 or more large packs of diapers... very impressive pile at the shower ;).

I hope everyone is feeling well. The flu has been flying around here. But everyone will live!

Cheers! Katie Lyn

BTW: if anyone wants me to make a can for a special occasion, I can do that! The cost will be around $45.00 because of the large quantity of materials in this project. That also does not include postage to get it to you.

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