Friday, February 29, 2008

Ooops! I Did It Again!

As some of you know I am a professional tutor. Often throughout my travels around town to see students and help them with their studies, I meet kids who bust their booty to get their work done and they take their school work seriously. Other times, I have students who feel the need to avoid their work for a myriad of reasons.

Last night I was over at the home of one of my favorite students. He is an amazing guy who just happens to have difficulties with language and organization. For the most part, he is a good student.

On his list of 'stuff to do' is a pile of make up work from being sick. We've all had that flu... being sick is no fun. But 2 weeks later he still has a pile of work to do. While I was leaving, I was talking to his mom and it occurred to me... hmmmmm. ...... he was in such a hurry to get done tutoring that he didn't want to finish anything else, he just wanted to go to bed and he had a headache.

SO!! Upon further digging into the situation I discovered that the priority of the evening was the X BOX and large screen TV that was waiting for him in the basement.

Well, guess who has the power cord to the X BOX!!!! Oh, could that be MOI???? LOL! Let's hope he gets his act together and finishes all his work so he can have it back for the weekend! Sometimes tough love need to come from someone else besides a parent. And you should have seen the LOOK on his face of amazement as I walked away with it!!!

As Mastercard says: "Tutoring $40/ hour"
"X Box with all the cool stuff: $400.00"
"Inspiring a student to get their work done........ PRICELESS"


Barbra said...

I tutored for many years on the elementary level It certainly was eye opening going into the kids' homes!

Katie Lyn said...

No kidding! You know, the longer I study human nature the more I see that the apple does not fall far from the tree.

I was just at a student's house today and one of my students failed her College Algebra midterm. I asked her how much of her homework she completed over the quarter.... her answer... oh, about half. I said, oh half is 50%, it's amazing how that correlates to your grade!

The parent's reaction... Oh, Sally Sue failed her final after she met with you. OMHECK! like one hour of studying is going to make up for doing 50% of the work throughtout the quarter. Go figure!

But I do love my kids, my students I mean... I worry about them, I pray for them and I want the best for them. When they succeed and feel better a out themselves, so do I.