Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Stress, Stress, Stress, Stress... Everywhere!

Well... I'm feeling it, because everyone around me is feeling it... STRESS! Mark and I are getting ready to move in to the new home. We are quite excited to have this happen, but there is a lot to do to get ready.

My eBay store is going gang busters.... lots to package up every day and send out.

I have been working out (so to speak) at the Y... today I walked a mile and rode the bike for a mile. I even tried to hurry and run over the little guy riding the other bike on the virtual race screen... but I just passed him up instead of knocking him over. If the characters would bite the dust when I run them over, I would totally ride the bike for an hour! The mile walk was not that fun, but I had my tunes with me and that makes the time go by faster. I have been trying to find a way to keep track of my laps... maybe some magnets on the pole that I can take down each time I pass, or maybe a sticky note or something that I can make a mark on. SOMETHING! Cause I get tired of holding my 3 fingers up and then my 4 fingers... and I'm relived when I get to 5 because I get to relax my hand.... but what happens if I forget HOW I was counting... for example, do I count the Lap I'm on? or the one I just finished? It's all too much Stress!

I made a promise to myself last week that I would start to purge stressful surroundings in my life. I'm trying to make way for a healthy attitude and healthy body. I can't do that if I'm surrounded by fighting, arguing and bickering...as much as I love the people who do it! Thank goodness my homelife is peaceful. It's gonna get rocky while we are getting the move done, but then.... whew... I hope it is quiet. Friends over for dinner, friends over to scrapbook and make cards.... but quiet... no drama.

A dear friend of mine told me that her job is ending soon... I'm so sorry to hear that! That just proves that you are in HELL, and I'm your HELLMATE!

A big thank you to my close friends who helped me through last week. Hugs and kisses everyone!

I'm Of fu fu to bed!


Sallie said...

Katie!!! I will always be your hellmate!

Katie Lyn said...

Oh, I love you Sallie!!!