Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lots of "Cat" in little places

Mark and I are packing... we are getting closer and closer to moving into our new HOUSE! I guess all the stress, lots of new boxes, stuff everywhere is finally wearing on our kitties. Today, I was getting caught up with email when I looked over and noticed that Gabe was trying to sit in the same chair as his brother, Victor. This is normal, often Victor will be sleeping somewhere or in the cat tree and Gabe will come over and assert his "alpha cat" status. This time, however, Victor did not move a muscle. Gabe just settled in and spread out across the chair. A note about the chair... this is THEIR chair! It used to be in my office in Montana for my students to sit in. However, over time, the cats have adopted it and clawed it to pieces. We decided a while ago to just surrender the chair. Therefore, the cat hair and all the extra claw marks, are just part of the "patina" of this office chair.

The picture of Gabe's head was taken from the side of the chair... that way you will know that the picture of the two of them, sans Gabe's head, does not involve the removal of the actual kitty head.

Mark started packing books... now we have a convenient "CAVE OF WONDERS" on the top shelf. Those wood crates are actually Bee hives that will be finished when we get to the new house with the 3 garages! No more construction projects in the Living Room!! Can I get a Hooooray!!!

Hope you all have a great "short" week!

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