Saturday, December 12, 2009

Heratige Album Layouts

This is the cover that I made with a few of the items provided in the kit. Layer the grey or black shape on the bottom, put the creme colored smaller shape on top. On top of that, adhere the die cut tree and the silhouette shapes. Notice that I have not centered this square... it is a little more to the left that you think it needs to be. On the right, adhere the antique lace and cover that lace with buttons, and other fun bits.

Below is the cover that I made for the sample book, it is the inspiration for the cover that is provided with the kit. I recommend that you use the sturdiest cardstock on your cover.

NOTE: ALL PAPERS WILL NEED TO BE TRIMMED TO MEASURE 6" Down by 5.75" Across. This allows room for the binding. Don't think that you will be able to punch holes in the whole album after the fact to fit the rings. Unless you have a drill press, the book will be too thick, even for the CropADile.
This is Katie's Sample book that everyone fell in love with. I used a lot of elements such as ink and distressing the edges of the papers and old buttons.

The flowers on this page are by PRIMA. I made the antiqued tags using Walnut Ink.

Please let me know if you have any questions about techniques, supplies, where to get something or how I did something. I am more than happy to share. Go ahead and post questions here on the blog so that I can answer for everyone to see. Thanks :) Katie

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