Monday, December 21, 2009

Some new basics for you!

Recently, I have realized that I have a gift for saving money. The weird part of this realization is that I never thought of my gift as a gift, but rather a math game. Always keeping my eye open for a bargain, I have clipped coupons, watched sales, read blog after blog about what is on sale and where and when to use double coupons, etc.

Last Friday, Mark and I went to a chocolate party at the Lewis home... their home was just cute as can be with their new Christmas lights. While the guys played Beatles Rock Band, the girls hand dipped candies in chocolate and gabbed. One theme that always comes up is "Katie's Frugality." Don't get me wrong, I love shopping, I love looking around, I love browsing, I just never thought of it as a talent. So, with no further ado, I hope to occasionally share some of my secrets and my gems of wisdom about these things. I will try to tag these items with "Katie's Frugality" so that you can easily search for them. One post you might want to look at that is already on my blog is the post about Homemade Laundry soap. I still use it, I still love it, in fact... I have a jug of Tide in my laundry room that I haven't touched. I want to just give it away and get rid of the clutter, but the pack rat in me wants to keep it for a rainy day. The homemade laundry soap lover in me says that the Tide is truly inferior and would be better used to soap up a fountain or something. Hmmm... we shall have to wait and see what happens with that jug of Tide. :)

One of my favorite blogs to read is called "Safely Gathered In." The theme of the blog is Provident Living. Self Reliance is very important to me. Mark and I are working diligently to get out of debt and live within our means. We have followed all the suggestions regarding food storage, but now we need to learn how to use all that food and rotate it as part of our normal menus. Here is a link to the HOMEMADE PIZZA post on Safely Gathered In.
You can click on the Pizza Picture above to see the photo credits and get the delicious recipe! Please leave me some comments on what you would like to read articles about. I will either impart my tidbits of wisdom or point you to the people who do it better than I. Happy reading!

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