Sunday, September 11, 2011

Smashing the Smash Book!

I love having groups over to craft at my house! Here is a photo album of all the great photos taken by Michelle Lewis with My Fancy Photo. We had fun introducing ourselves, inspirational demonstrations of uses for Smash Books, and a truly inspiring devotional letting us know the importance of journaling to clear our minds of all the day in day out garbage and allow for real personal and spiritual growth.

Comments after the party have been amazing! Of course everyone had a great time, we always do, but this time, I wanted to provide the environment for some real personal reflection.

Around the room, I decorated with inspirational thoughts. Many are from my friend, Jim Fedor, who is a Master Calligrapher for Hallmark Cards. Here is his other website!

I chose the people I wanted to invite carefully. Knowing that there are busy schedules and prior engagements, I set out to invite 35 people with the promise that if they attend, they may bring a friend. All in all we had 18 people attend. Every attendee brought a canned good to share with the food bank. When I gathered it up to go over to the local church, it took two men to carry everything into the sanctuary! What a joy that was. I was going to take a photo and post all about how much food we gathered, but I decided that was innappropriate, people gave from their hearts and they received from my heart!

In keeping with my crafting philosophy, all gifts I give, I give from My Hear To Yours.... enjoy the slide show:

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Michelle said...

I always love crafting with you! Your skills are amazing and you are such and inspiration to so many!
We love you Katie!!