Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happy Summer Everyone!

I told you in my last post about Procrastination! I'm the QUEEN of procrastination! All these ideas running around in my head, but with no action behind them, they sit idle.

It's time to start making a rumble, stand up and be counted! I've been working steadfastly on my couponing project. I realized half way through that what people really need is a kick in the butt, just like me, to get out there and make things happen. So I started to break things up into bite size pieces, each one is a great project idea on its own and would made a great product. I truly believe that eventually, when everything is done... the sum of the parts will far exceed the totality of the whole.

THAT is exciting for me because as I market my knowledge, I can let people purchase at the level they are interested in. I have some friends who want to completely duplicate ME in them! That's great, as they say in the commercials for smart phones: "There's an App for that!"

Other friends just want to know how to save $60.00 a week on their grocery bill... there's a product for that as well.

I'm just over the moon with excitement and can't wait to share it with everyone.

On a personal note, it's summer... the grass keeps growing and we have no desire to cut it. Missouri is HOT and HUMID! Last weekend, I spread more grass seed, in hopes of choking out all the weeds. I have been diligent in watering, keeping it moist... but no sproutlings. I have no idea what I'm doing, but I'll keep buying seed, spreading it and watering it, and maybe we will have some green before winter!

Tutoring has been very busy this summer. I am so excited to have 8 new students. Each one comes with their own abilities and disabilities. They know, by time I'm done working with them, that they can do ANYTHING they desire. Put the work in, get the results out! Life kinda works that way, doesn't it!

No garden this year... I think I shared last year about the $200 worth of organic dirt that we brought in. That was fun. Our friends came and rototilled, we planted hearty plants only to watch them all die. Out of 30 tomato plants, we reaped a grand total of 2 pint size zip locks full of cherry tomatoes! WOO HOOO! let's do that again! NOT. There were 3 reasons for our garden failure... First, you have to weed. Again, we don't even mow our lawn but once a week... WHO WEEDS? Secondly, last summer was very strange. It was too hot at night. The tomatoes demand a temperature differential between day and night. It was 95 degrees at night too. Lastly, even after we cut down all our Walnut trees, our neighbors still have them. The walnut tree sends out a poison that kills any and all tomatoes within a 25 yard radius of the tree. The neighbors have quite a few trees, there is no escaping this!

I promise you that we will be very careful about where we buy our next property. Don't panic... we aren't moving anytime soon. However, we would like to buy some land near the new Temple, and make sure that there is plenty of room to plant our own food.

Happy summer everyone, gotta run!

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