Wednesday, February 4, 2009


The new addition to the Family!!! We are of course, on cloud nine! We will post more pictures when we get our own furishings and such in the home. Here's the stats:

2 story with bottom full walk out basement
3 bedrooms, 3 bath, 1 den, 1 rec room, 1 great room, 1 kitchen, 2 dining areas, 2 stair cases, 1 deck, 3 garages, 1 gigantic pantry, ?? closets (too many to count), 1 laundry room, 1 laundry SHOOT!!!! and a partrige in a pear tree! 2500 square feet not including the enormous garages...

And.... Yes, i will have a nice big Art Studio! It will be great!

Life has been crazy for us, as you can imagine... too much to do, too little time.

While I'm at it... We joined the YMCA! Last night, I walked a grand total of .20 miles. HA HA!!! Hey, it's a start! Last night we got our cards and did the tour and stuff. Tonight, I might try to double my efforts for maximum results! Hee hee!

I have some new cards that I made, I'll have to take pics and post them later, Happy February to everyone!

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