Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pookie's Revenge, Part I

by Allison

One morning around 10 o’clock Pookie woke up and wandered down the stairs, as he was creeping up on his food bowl when he saw that it was empty. Pookie could see the very bottom of his baby blue bowl. “Ggggrrrrr” his little tummy kept making that sound, he jumped of the little night stand (that is where they kept his food so the dogs would not get it) and he walked over to go to his cat box, to his disgust, it was filthy. There was no way that he could even walk into it. Pookie was furious he could not stand it anylonger; no little kitty should have to deal with this. It was time for the ultimate revenge, POOKIE’S REVENGE!!!!!!!!!!!
He crept ever so quietly up the stairs and in to the living room where he left presents (both kinds if you know what I mean) behind the big screen TV. After he was done he went to go hide under his mom’s bed, because that is where she kept all of her stuffed animals. Pookie hid his body behind the animals but he laid hid head by some of the other animals so he could blind in, but it was too late she had found him. The next thing that he knew was he being pulled out from under the bed. Then the most odd thing happened, instead of being mad at Pookie all she said “pookie that’s a bad kitty” and gave him a kiss in the nose. Then she let him go, he went to go found a place to take a nap. On top of Sunshine the, old yellow lab.
Sunshine or Sunny as they called her was very old and her bones hurt her so she never really got up. She would get up to go to the bathroom but nothing else; when it came to eating they would bring her food bowl to her. Sunny was really nice to Pookie. She really did not care one way or another what he did, and he liked to take naps on her, she is so soft and warm. Sunny is the best place to take a nap.
After his nap he was hungry so he went back down stairs to his food bowl. But as he rounded the corner he saw it, the big ugly rankles that covered the “it” dog named Luci, she was sleeping on the pull out couch. What was he going to do? He couldn’t be seen; ever so quietly he army crawled on the floor around the “thing” named Luci. He made it safely to his food bowl without being seen. But there was one problem there was no food in it, he jumped down to go look at his litter box, it was a………. he could not think of anything to say.
This time he went into his mom’s room and into the back of her closet, I bet you can guess what he did. If you guessed that he left presents you are 100% right! If I was a little kitty I would do the same thing, it’s just not fair! I bet you would feel the same way that Pookie does. What would you do if the same thing happened to you? You would take action and do something about it, would you not?
The next thing that happened was to very angry girls where fighting about him, his mom was in t-r-o-u-b-l-e because of not feeding him and making sure that him box was clean. She got threatened that if she did not keep up on cleaning out his box that Pookie would get taken away and would become someone else’s new kitty. Let’s just say that she never forgot to change the litter again.

In the end Pookie’s tummy was always full and he always had a nice clean box.

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