Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Day After Tomorrow!

Well, it's been almost 1 year since I've blogged. I guess I didn't have anything exciting to say, and that's just fine :) I wanted to share some pictures of the ice spikes outside my window. I titled this, The Day After Tomorrow, because the climate reminds me of that movie when everything froze. We just got 1 foot of snow, driven snow this week. The entire Midwest got hit with a Blizzard. I took the time to scan old family photos and can some salsa!

So enjoy the ice spikes!

Oh yea, Follow up on the Daily Yuck post from a couple of years back: Soy Joy came out with a facebook page. They posted an ad where they were asking FB users to comment about their Soy Joy Bars. I took the opportunity to give them some SOLICITED yet HONEST feedback.. To sum it up: Yuck, your bars are gross, nearly gagged. You get the idea. I also mentioned that I blogged about how gross they were, and the Soy Joy guy responded that yes, they had read my blog! I want that job, I want to go looking for BAD YUCKY Soy Joy posts on the internet and keep track of them just in case. Anyway... they wanted to send me their new flavor, well... they mailed them to me, I opened the pouch and I have actually refused to try them. Funny thing... the Soy Joy guy said that I must have tried their OLD Flavors. Well... old or new, they are gross.

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