Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pookie's Revenge, Part II

Pookie’s Revenge, Part II by Allison and Katie

When we first saw our hero, he was happily sleeping on Allie’s bed after leaving “presents” all over the laundry room floor. Long after the carpet was removed, the satisfaction of a lesson well taught remained. Presently, Pookie, the wonder cat, learns of a cat party just down the block. Word on the street is that a neighbor cat, Gabe, is missing his mother. She went on vacation. What a horrible thing for a kitty mamma to do. Gabe decided that it was a great time to throw a party. He and his brother, Victor, gathered treats such as Ritz Crackers, Marshmallows, and other dry kibble. Gabe managed to wrangle some extra cat nip from his Grandma Curtis who was babysitting. Little did Grandma Curtis know what was about to transpire, but she gave in, and poured extra cat nip on the floor. Victor started to rub his head all over the catnip as Gabe snipped, “Not now Victor! That’s for the party!” Victor just pouted and walked away. Gabe had a better plan in mind for the catnip.
Pookie, who lived down the block, got word from Lucy, who heard it from the twin Siameese next door that there was a party at Gabe’s house that night. Soon enough, the party time was there. Pookie sneaked out of his house with a toy mouse to serve as a hostess present. Pookie strutted down the block to Gabe’s apartment.
“Mow wow,” howled Pookie. “What a beautiful place you have here.”
“Thank you, and you are?” inquired Gabe.
“I’m Pookie, live down the street, brought you a mouse, heard your MOM was out of town, cool dude!” replied Pookie.
“Ah Ha… yeah, she went to Missouri to go see her boyfriend,” Gabe sang.
“How are you getting along without her?” I asked.
“Very easy,” Victor interrupted, “Grandma Curtis comes in a couple times a day to play and feed us, the litter box is clean, but you know how it goes… we still miss her.”
“Oh, the last time my humans made me mad (bowl empty, litter box empty), I took things into my own paws.” Pookie explained. “I left the smelliest present for her in her closet.”
Victor asked, “what happened after that?”
Pookie told the tale of how unacceptable the living conditions were at his house. Sure, he had a nice fluffy bed and a wonderful kitty mamma who gave him tons of kisses, but one day his bowl was empty. What does a cat have to do to get some food around here? Well, he continued, “I got her attention.”
Soon enough, five other animals arrived. There was a squirrel and four other cats who joined the festivities. Pookie never knew that squirrels smelled so funny. They don’t like catnip either. It’s not the right kind of weed. Pookie, Victor, Gabe and the other four cats rolled and sniffed the chunky green stuff making sure to grind it into the carpet. Soon enough everyone was just lounging around and enjoying the crackers. Gabe was still lamenting about how much he missed his mamma.
“Well,” Pookie sneered, “ she will be back soon enough and you need to take charge. You need to make sure she never leaves you for six weeks again.”
“I do have a good caretaker, she comes and…,”replied Gabe.
“BUT IT’S NOT THE SAME!” growled Pookie.
“So this is what you do is…” Pookie purred as he started to flash back to his own experience.
Meanwhile, Gabe and Victor’s mamma was on a plane, only six short hours from home. Their mamma freaked out when she saw the crumbs all over the floor. Evidence of the party was strewn all over the apartment. Grandma Curtis tried to explain that everything was wonderful while she was gone. The kitties were just fine. They slept most of the time. That night, Gabe, Victor and their momma snuggled as they slept. Everyone seemed happy and content. The next morning, momma woke up and made breakfast. She usually ate breakfast by her computer so she could check e-mail and do her computer stuff. The aroma of bacon and eggs permeated the air. Life was bliss. Suddenly, momma looked closely at her computer chair…there was a freshly made present right in the middle of her chair.
Looking back, the party had been a huge success. Thankfully for Gabe, he met Pookie, the wonder cat, who taught his momma a great lesson. Taking his advice, Gabe made sure that his momma knew exactly how he felt about her being gone so long.
To all the other kitties out there, let this be a lesson, sometimes the food bowl might be empty, your litter box dirty, and your momma might be gone; but most the time your momma is right there, the bowl is full and the box is clean. So please never leave presents behind the TV, in the closet, in the laundry room, or the computer chair. Be thankful and enjoy the kisses!

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